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PDL wiki


Getting Started with PDL. Up to speed guide to introduce you to PDL.

PDL Cookbook. Short and quick recipes to perform common tasks in PDL.

PDL for impatient IDL users. Quick-start guide to the language, if you are familiar with IDL and a little Perl.

Get help, ask a question, or report a bug

There are many places one can ask questions and report bugs regarding Perl modules (including PDL), more than the PDL users and developers can monitor. If you have a PDL question, you can browse the documentation or check the mailing lists. A question in one of the various fora (including CPAN bug reports and the PDL wiki comments) is not likely to be seen and answered in a timely manner. The PDL community primarily uses the mailing lists for questions and SourceForge for bug reports.

Editing help

When starting new documents, please be very verbose and explicit with your titles so as to avoid collisions. Don't call a page "Example", call it "PDL 1-D data plotting with PGPLOT".

The PDL wiki is based on oddmuse, and some simple text formatting rules can be found here . We also load the markup extension and the usemod extension. We also support LaTeX syntax for mathematical equations - see LaTeX on the JAC wikis for an example.


PDL may not be right for everybody. Fortunately, Perl has many other good math libraries which are worth checking out.